Let’s call it… Part One

*Deep Breath*


Thanks for being here.

Today I just wanted to launch this with a bit of background info on why I’m actually here. Like why I even thought I could type stuff into a computer and people would read it. Well, I don’t know that they actually will, but here I go giving it a good old try.

So this is me. My name is Keira. I am a University Student, graduating in November. I am a Receptionist at a busy hotel. I am a Female. I am a Daughter, I am a Sibling, I am a Girlfriend, I am a Mate. I am stressed at any given point in the day. I have put on more weight than I’d like to admit to myself. I am lazy. My room is a mess, so is my diet and also my head. I am constantly juggling multiple aspects of life and I don’t know how these adults do it!

Do you relate? If you do, I guess you’re my target audience (communications student knowledge drop)!!

I’ve been thinking about doing this for a while. For a few reasons. Mostly to hopefully hold myself accountable for some healthy choices! This week I have seen two separate images that have kind of kicked me in the metaphorical testicles and inspired me to get started.



And I’m gonna call out Facebook Memories right here right now. ME ONE YEAR AGO. Look I know this isn’t perfect, but gee did I feel good about myself and my body. I was a size 8 and I was strong and healthy. I had just completed a 12 week challenge and I had seen so many positive changes. Sadly, as I sit and write crying into my coffee (not really), I don’t look like this. I’m not that strong anymore, my squat ability tells me that, and I guess I just haven’t had the motivation to maintain everything that I know I was when I took this shameless mirror selfie.

Second: And this is not my image but a PT Friend of mine’s…


This hit me so hard in so many different feels. Food is addictive. I am super likely to eat if I feel stressed, anxious, sad. I absolutely love food, but unfortunately I don’t love enough of the RIGHT food. There was once a time when I used to exercise to get through exam stress. I loved exercising, I loved tracking the changes I saw, I loved beating my personal best. I really don’t know where that enjoyment and, dare I say it, passion has gone.

I can acknowledge that depression is a difficult thing to overcome. It has hit me in a few different ways throughout different stages of my life so I am definitely not an “Exercise fixes all!” kinda gal. But I am feeling down lately, and maybe the exercise thing has some truth to it. Because thinking back to how I felt when that first photo was taken, it’s a huge difference to how I feel right now.

So aside from expressing general 20-something thoughts and experiences here with you all, I’m also calling myself out and discussing the types of foods i’m eating, good and bad, and the exercise I am or am not doing. If anyone wants to know my thoughts on a particular topic please feel free to hit up the contact page.

Otherwise; I’m thinking this is just going to be a comical, real-life observation of how things sometimes suck… so jump on board and let’s chat about being 20-something and the shit we have to put up with!

K x

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