Drinking Coffee Makes Me an Adult… Right?


Hello friends!

Welcome to my new blog post, look how fast I’m learning!

You’ll probably guess the topic of today’s entry, but just in case you avoided the large bold title I’ll give you a little hint.

What is one thing (besides their mobile phones) that uni students always seem to have in their hands?

COFFEEEEEEEEEEEE!! (insert coffee cup emoji here)


Now I’m going to admit that I crave a coffee in the morning. It calls my name as I walk through the shopping centres or into campus. The smell of fresh coffee alone convinces me that a fourth coffee for the day is okay. I always feel super sophisticated and mature when I can say to someone, “Let’s catch up for a coffee!”.

Do you get it yet?

I love coffee. So much so that a shitty coffee can ruin my whole day.

Life is too short to drink bad coffee !

With so many different types of coffees out there in coffee land, you can tell a lot about someone by the type of coffee they order. For example if they order a caramel latte with an extra pump of syrup and two sugars… something tells me they don’t really like coffee unless they can turn it into a dessert. There’s a solution for that. It’s called Affogato. Espresso, ice cream, maybe a little baileys. Who wouldn’t be impressed?


Not only does coffee go with a wide range of other snacks and treats, it compliments every aspect of my lifestyle. Post-yoga? Have a coffee. Pre-class? Have a DOUBLE-SHOT coffee (and pray it keeps you awake). My coffee enjoyment makes me a functioning part of the adult world. At least this is what I’ve told myself.

But I decided to do a little bit of research, because uni is now over… and why not? And these are the most commonly searched google questions relating to coffee… I had a giggle about this!


There’s a few questions there that are totally fair! So let’s have a look at this shall we?


This one I actually (half) knew the answer too!

It’s not actually the caffeine in coffee that makes you poop, it’s the contractions that occur in the colon as a result of the beverage. These assumptions are made because someone actually studied someone else’s poopy patterns, and determined that other caffeinated beverages do not trigger the same colonic response. Gross, but interesting if you’re one of the lucky guys or gals that poops post-cuppa.

Coffee consumption also aids effective digestion. Again, nothing i’ve read will tell me how, but they just know.



I mean, isn’t that why we all drink it?

Caffeinated drinks will assist in keeping you awake. One standard beverage may prolong sleep by 1.5-2 hours, depending on how regularly you drink it.


Yes. Caffeine causes a rapid but short-lived spike in your blood pressure. Even those who do not normally experience (or suffer with) high blood pressure have been known to experience this coffee-related change. An American study showed that on average, blood pressure readings were much higher in coffee drinkers than those who don’t drink coffee or caffeine based beverages.


(Oh God, I hope not!)

It is not advised to consume more than 1-2 cups of coffee if you are trying to maintain or lose weight. Increased coffee intake can trigger the release of hormones within the body that are responsible for food cravings and the notion of hunger. Plus, we increase our calorie intake with the inclusions of sugar, cream, milk, and flavouring syrups.


It is difficult to place coffee as the sole contributor to headaches, however it is definitely advised to avoid coffee consumption during times of severe, long-term headaches and migraines. The dehydration is a common link to headaches, and coffee isn’t the most hydrating beverage choice.

Aside from pointless research, (It’s not pointless if i’m a “blogger”) I’ve also spent a lot of time wondering how friends of mine who don’t drink hot drinks get along without coffee.

Fully serious piece of advice here: If you ever meet anyone with a Bachelors degree, who says they don’t drink coffee… They are either a crazy person or a liar. Either way, do not trust them!

Or do… I’m just jealous I need coffee to get through a class let alone a full degree…

Just an FYI: I’ve also had a look at some healthy coffee options.


And ways that you can still enjoy your coffees if you’re trying to lose weight:



Chat soon,


K x

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