Travel-prep for the detail-oriented… BALI BOUND!

Today I write with excitement, and only a little bit of frustration!

It’s 3 days until I go to Bali! The frustration being that I’m not already on the plane but oh well. Funny how that happens…

I mean I’ve only been counting down since about 90 days ago, but it is real and it is here, and it is exciting for a number of reasons.

First: This will be my first holiday since I started L&H. That means a ballsy leap into travel blogging!

Second: I have some newly learned photography skills I want to try out.

Third: I’m going with an amazing group of people! (Most important!)



This will be trip number 3 to Bali. I’m going with Dad who has been about 30 times (not quite, he says) so I think that will be awesome, hopefully beneficial for blogging purposes too!


The upcoming plans for the travel blog include:

Bali trip


22NOV – 2DEC


Euro Trip








20DEC – 5JAN 2017


I love Bali because I love the relaxation and the chilled vibes. Unfortunately it has a bit of a bad reputation within the media in Australia. That really is a shame because I think that there is not enough focus on all the positives Bali has to offer: the people are beautiful, the weather is superb, and the scenery and hospitality is top-notch.

Today I thought I’d chat about some of the main concerns and thoughts EVERYONE has when preparing for travel. What do I pack? What are my plans? When will I actually relax and embrace Holiday-mode?

Now I don’t want this to turn into one of those generic, silly “Top 10 things to pack in your suitcase” posts, because everyone is different but also, I have no business telling you what should or should not be in your suitcase. The Airport security might… but not this gal!

I mean I’m definitely going to chat about packing and planning. I have holidays that require some serious packing consideration. The thing is, my two upcoming trips couldn’t be more opposite to each other.

Europe in December = BLOODY COLD!

Bali in November/December = PARADISE!

So more than anything this post is about me writing down my thoughts and plans (as opposed to whatever I do normally?) in order for me to document my preparation and actually make sure when I proof-read this later that I can’t see anything I’ve missed.

Let’s see: It’s Saturday. I leave Tuesday.

First step: confirming all booking numbers, flight times and other travel necessities.

I can get a bit OCD when it comes to details and times. Especially flights. I’ve probably checked our departure time every hour on the hour today, and I’ve booked and scheduled all of our parking and group meeting times with about fifty confirmations.

“Please reply to this message ‘YES’ to confirm your understanding of said message”

See the thing is, Dad doesn’t give a shit! Sorry Dad, but we both know (as does everyone else that knows you) it’s true. He’s been so many times that he just organises a lift to the airport the morning of travel, he packs carry-on only and more often than not he doesn’t even book accommodation. He rocks up to his favourite hotel and asks for HIS room. And guess what? HE GETS IT. The Balinese reinforce this behaviour!

Seriously, I’m not making this up.

Nope, not this time. Not when travelling with me at least. I need structure, timing, and schedules. It makes me happy and it saves me, and everyone around me, from dealing with a full-blown panic attack or tears. Sometimes both.

Not only did I message everyone to make sure they knew we were leaving by 2pm, I triple checked if and when I can do online check-in. Just in case.

Truth talk: I’m also writing this as a form of procrastination from packing. Firstly because it was giving me a migraine, secondly because despite my organisation I’m a little bit lazy. Who would have guessed? It’s a cursed combination.

I think my packing for Europe will be a bit more stressful because of the considerations that are given to cold weather and WARM clothing (layers anyone?). Yet, this carry-on luggage packing is surprisingly tedious. I basically just emptied a drawer onto my bed and made two piles:

         Bikinis/Swimwear                   Underwear


Anything else is superfluous in Bali.

No I’m kidding, I will be wearing clothes. Or a version of that…

This is the question I’m currently faced with: What are the packing necessities?



Nope, not the dog. Leave the dog at home, Keira!

I find with Bali packing, the essentials speak for themselves:

  • Bikinis
  • Underwear
  • Shorts
  • T-shirts
  • Sunscreen
  • Toothbrush
  • Deodorant


A few little extras I’ve prepared include phone chargers, snacks, my iPad, earphones and a good book for the plane. I’m going to assume I don’t need to mention Passports and Cash?

Easy right?

Yet we stress about it incessantly and then when it’s done we feel a bit dickish. Ah life.

As for the “Holiday-mode” I think I hit that this morning when I went out to brunch with wet hair, no make-up and a loose-fitted sundress on. If I weren’t working on Monday it would be the perfect pre-travel weekend. If you’re a bit detail-oriented like me (see: control freak) then this state of being doesn’t fully hit until you’re sitting in the plane, post-take-off, with music on and a wine in hand. This is holiday-mode at its finest, second only to arriving at the hotel and seeing your paradise for the 2 weeks. *Screw the customs/baggage claim shit, that isn’t fun for anyone.

But as I approach the end of the day and welcome “2 days til Bali” in the Facebook group chat, I am happy with my current levels of organisation and stress, being a lot of the first and a little of the latter. Yay Keira!


Now – to password protect my blog-posting abilities. Don’t drink and blog friends.

Speak to you from Bali!


K x

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