Welcome to Lazy and Hungry: The Diary of a 20-something.

Thanks for being here!

This page and blog has been started as a typical “day-in-the-life-of…”, but I aim for it to be so much more than that. Lazy and Hungry is here to reach out to those University students struggling with motivation or stress, the 20-something’s that enjoy food and alcohol just a little too much, the “I can’t Adult!” adults who know they really should be exercising… but don’t. Those performing the juggling act called life. You are not alone!

I feel you. I AM you!

Here you can follow along with my journey through being a 20-something with no clue. I do want to get my eating on track and get back into a solid exercise routine. I also want to make the most of my last year at uni and have the least amount of meltdowns possible. A social life would be nice too?

Personal mantra: I can do it with humour… and maaaaaybe a little sarcasm.

This is me. Feel free to ride along.