Oh, What a Month !!

Life is funny sometimes… I mean it really can be a massive juggling act… Mixed together with me constantly questioning myself, and all too often muttering the words “shit happens” and the occasional not so occasional “Oh! F**k”. Well, Shit does happen. And we have to handle it. Despite the mess… This blog post is overdue… … Continue reading Oh, What a Month !!

Adult Colouring Books: I need them in my life!

Hello to the readers, I am still completely into these colouring books for adults!! I thought my second blog post should discuss these. Fitting isn’t it, for the 20-something’s blog to feature an adult’s version of a child’s activity… Yes, Ok. You see these everywhere, everyone talks about them. But hold up, my little anti-colouring pal, … Continue reading Adult Colouring Books: I need them in my life!