Adult Colouring Books: I need them in my life!

Hello to the readers,

I am still completely into these colouring books for adults!!

I thought my second blog post should discuss these. Fitting isn’t it, for the 20-something’s blog to feature an adult’s version of a child’s activity…

Yes, Ok. You see these everywhere, everyone talks about them. But hold up, my little anti-colouring pal, let me explain why these are some of the best things I’ve ever purchased.



I can admit I don’t handle stress and anxiety well. I get moody, snappy, and super on-edge. It’ll start to affect the people around me if I don’t do something to relax. 2 or 3 or 10 episodes of Pretty Little Liars in a row don’t really cut it. I’m enjoying it, yes, but afterwards I know I’ll be stressed and feel guilty for the lack of productivity in my day. The colouring keeps me focussed on the task I’m doing, and it is a great distraction from the things that are stressing me out. There’s a reason it’s called Colouring Therapy.


2: I need a creative outlet

I’m not an artist by any stretch of the imagination, but it feels really good to sit down and plan the colours I’m going to use and visualise the final product. That’s enough of an incentive to finish what I start. It also feels great to be able to take half an hour out of the day and participate in such a childish, fun activity. Doing these colouring books allows me to be creative, despite not being able to draw or paint anything myself.


3: It’s relaxing AND rewarding

I haven’t used the books for a little while and I really start to miss it. It’s relaxing to dedicate a certain time frame to this silly little activity and allow myself to stop studying, or have time by myself. Plus it is always so satisfying to see the full picture when it’s finished. You can’t find that feeling watching TV or playing computer or phone games. It’s definitely a good choice for some spare time.


4: It’s Fun!

I don’t really need to explain this one. I have fun colouring the pictures in these books.



As a 20-something, I feel like there is a lot of pressure on me to have a full, active life. I constantly feel like I am juggling my social, uni, family, and work life and that I rarely get time for myself. I get sick when I am run down. I get really unwell when I don’t take enough time to sit and relax or have a day off. It’s not cool to get sick so easily and it’s not fun to constantly be on edge or stressed out.

I get that there are more pressures to come for me this year. I’ll have to find a full-time job; I’ll be stressed leading up to finals and graduation. I may not get a lot of time to use these great little books.

But I do know that I find relaxation and enjoyment in these books, and for me, that’s a good enough reason to make the time to colour!


Feel free to share your thoughts and leave a reply.

K x

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