I did the exercise thing… I survived the exercise thing

Welcome Back Friends!

For those of you that have been reading along or who follow the Lazy and Hungry Instagram page – You’ll know that this week I started back into some exercise with my Personal Trainer…


Wasn’t this a fun way to start a Wednesday morning?

I started the day with an 8am circuit session before uni classes, and the morning session definitely woke me up for my day. I know a lot of people have a preference for a certain time of day to train, but either works for me really.

When I’m training in the mornings I find it a bit of a struggle to wake up, but once I get started it is never regretted. After a morning session I feel that I am energised, awake, and full of happy endorphins that promote a happy and productive day!

An afternoon/evening session gives me something to look forward to if I am having a shitty day or have over indulged in the food department. Plus it’s a nice way to clear the head after work and helps me have a really great sleep that night!

If you’re trying to decide what training times would best suit you – it’s important to evaluate your daily life and the usual activities you do on certain days. Say for example you know that Tuesday’s and Friday’s are your least chaotic days with work/family/study/social commitments –this is your best chance to fit in training sessions…

Also adding some food for thought; these are just a couple of issues I’ve had in the past:

Downside of Morning training:

  • Potentially likely to sleep in, or snooze that alarm and run out of time.
  • Cold weather can make the body feel a bit stiff and sore

Downside of Evening training:

  • Peak gym times might make for a lack of available equipment
  • Harder to find the motivation after a long/tough day at work
  • Lack of energy/fatigue if the right foods haven’t been consumed throughout the day


The most important thing I can think of for beginners is to budget for a qualified Personal Trainer. Realistically you do need someone, not only to motivate you, but to teach you proper technique and exercises suited to your strength and current ability.

The worst thing you can do as a beginner is start out with over the top exercises, train too frequently, too heavily, or with poor technique. You will hurt yourself, you will delay or otherwise negatively impact other aspects of your life, and it will ruin your motivation for fitness and self-improvement.

My Personal Trainer Warren is based at Goodlife Health Clubs Helensvale, and he is sensational. There are some fantastic personal trainers out there, and once you find the right one for you, you won’t want to go anywhere else.


This is what has happened to me with Waz.

Originally we had a great professional relationship due to my employment with Goodlife for 3 years, and this gave me a huge appreciation for Warren’s training style, personality, and skill.

Not only is he a personal trainer to me, he is a friend, a psychologist (unofficially), a source of dad jokes, and the support that I need and love.


Our workout on Wednesday was 3 rounds.

1 warm up round: – 20 seconds of each exercise

2 Rounds: 40 seconds on, 20 seconds off

This means each exercise was completed for 40 seconds; with a 20 second rest in between.

One round consisted of:

  • Plank Transfers
  • Battle Rope exercises
  • Kettle Bell swings
  • Box Jumps 
  • Incline Dumbbell Rows
  • Wall-ball Squat Throws



I’ve graciously included some super flattering photos for your enjoyment. There’s a couple of smiles there – I was definitely having fun.


The results of this workout included sore hamstrings, sore obliques and lower tummy muscles, and a lot of fun walking up and down stairs.

It is very important to ensure that your Kettle Bell swing technique is correct to avoid injuries. Lucky for me Warren taught me from beginning to end and watches me like a hawk every time I pick up a KB!


This was a fantastic workout for me starting back with PT sessions, and I’m so thankful that Waz knows how to challenge me without pushing me to pain, sickness, or injury. This is a sign of a dedicated, knowledgeable personal trainer and I’m pretty proud to be his client.

This pretty much sums up our relationship!


Just incase you DON’T know why you should be exercising. Here’s a few basic, important reasons. And why the hell wouldn’t you start exercising?


1: Reduce body fat (and who doesn’t want that right?)

2: Build muscle mass and bone strength

3: Boost your energy levels

4: Strengthen and maintain immune function

5: Lower risk of type 2 diabetes

6: Reduce and regulate blood pressure

7: Build and maintain aerobic ability and capacity

8: Improve sleeping patterns

9: Lower anxiety and depression levels

10: Have fun and achieve goals (Feel satisfied!!!)


An article that pretty much has “Why You Should Exercise” covered is linked below. Check it out! It’s pretty self-explanatory, but have a read anyway.

If you’ve got any questions for me – leave a reply.

If you want to see more workouts like above – leave a reply.


Otherwise I’ll be back next week with new content.

K xx



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