Oh, What a Month !!

Life is funny sometimes…

I mean it really can be a massive juggling act… Mixed together with me constantly questioning myself, and all too often muttering the words “shit happens” and the occasional not so occasional “Oh! F**k”.

Well, Shit does happen. And we have to handle it. Despite the mess…

This blog post is overdue… And assuming that I have people here reading this, I’m sorry for the delay. I’m also sorry for myself because I really love doing this writing stuff. There’s no set theme to the post. Just a bit of a collection of life’s moments from the past few weeks. Boy, has it been crazy! Just sitting here now I know that it’s been a full on month, but I also know there’s more to come.

Today I am feeling a little over-stretched. Not to say (Mum!), that I’m burning the candle at both ends. I’m just really taking a while to adjust to my new “routine”. I am kicking ass at the organisation side of things, but I’m just leaving myself with very little down time.

Big news; I’ve just started a new job!

It’s a great job. It’s fun. It’s challenging. I get to do some travel.

Zero complaints on the job front.

One minor detail is that it is a Full-Time job, and I am yet to graduate Uni!

I start classes next week so I’m mentally preparing myself to be a very busy person between now and graduation in November.

First concern? I get sick when I’m run-down.

Anyone here that knows me personally knows that I have a pretty shitty immune system. When I get sick it hits me hard. It also doesn’t help when people around you keep saying “don’t get sick!”, “I don’t want you to get sick”. Yeah, thanks all, but if it’s going to happen then it’ll happen and I can’t do anything but get some drugs into me. Does anybody else relate to this shit?

I’m trying to be super prepared and preventative. I’m taking Vitamin C and Echinacea (when I remember), and I’ve been really good on my water intake lately too. These are definitely some tips to pass on to my Immune-deficient friends.


Another concern? I’ve gained weight!

Office job. Less moving around. Zero training and shit food.

Do I really need to question how this happened?

Next week I have my first session back with my amazing Personal Trainer, Waz. I’ve booked a permanent Wednesday session and I will not let myself cancel. Stay tuned for a blog post regarding my first session back and the subsequent recovery time. After all, that is part of the reason I started this blog in the first place. Might be a good opportunity for my first video post? Would anyone object?

I am also now the proud owner of one of those power fit vibration boards that people exercise with. When I say exercise, I mean you stand on it and have all of your insides shaken about. It makes my legs itch but after a few 10-minute sessions it feels like I’ve been running. Funnily enough the legs feel a bit sore the next day as well.

This was a birthday gift from my grandmother, and isn’t that a funny story in itself. My 80-something year old German grandmother saw absolutely no problem with walking up to the sales assistant and telling this poor girl that she wanted to buy her Granddaughter a vibrator.

Despite the little issue of being told we were in the wrong store, (OMFG) I got my exercise board. For obvious reasons we now stick to calling it a “Wobble Board”.

Oh! It was my birthday!!


I turned 22 on the 21st of July. I was absolutely showered in love and kindness and beautiful, thoughtful gifts. My amazing friends and family made me feel very special despite some emotional days and my first weekend of work travel. Shout out to my nearest and dearest for being little legends and beautiful people.

Other than all of the craziness, I really just wanted to emphasize how much this past month has made me realise the importance of organisation and goal setting. It’s a lot easier to keep on top of your life when you can have physical goals and to-do lists each week. Goals arise from motivation, so it is really important to make sure you understand what aspect of life the goal relates to and what kind of time frame is attainable for each goal.

Daily to-do lists are essential for organisation as well. The act of physically writing out a daily or weekly list helps you on your pursuit of achievement and can aid in prioritising tasks based on professional and personal responsibilities.

Goal Number One:

Pass all my subjects and Graduate without losing my job or imploding 😉

I guess its no secret that I have had a chaotic July!

Despite the craziness, the emotion, the tiredness, I have never felt more organised and sure of my goals and where I want to be in life. Sometimes we have to continually perform that juggling act so that we know which aspects of life we really don’t want to drop!

Friendly Tip: Check out Kikki K for amazing stationary, hardcover planners, To-do lists and more! All of my work and uni items are from here and I am so obsessed! The cuteness of it all really encourages me to use the planners and lists as well. So that’s a bonus !

‘Til Next Time,


K x


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